Cushion Foot Pro Socks

Cushion Foot Hoop Sock


Three Stripe

At The Happy Feet Sock Company we have made a variety of cushion foot pro socks for numerous individuals and organisations. On this page you will see just a few of the many bespoke socks we have made over the years. These socks are perfect for rugby and hockey. If you wish to have a cushion foot pro sock made please get in touch at:

Tel: 01773 710066


Please find listed below the different styles of cushion foot pro sock we do:

  • Plain
  • Three Stripe
  • Turnover Top
  • Hoop

We do a variety of sport socks including football, rugby and hockey. If your sport requires additional padding, please get in touch and we can discuss what is required.

We can also add on club logos and names at an additional fee.

Cushion Foot Plain Sock


Cushion Foot Turnover Sock

Turnover Top